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Business opportunities

Rwanda is successfully attracting new investors and has made significant socio-economic progress, with economic growth rates among the fastest in the world and a significant reduction in poverty. 


Investing in "the Switzerland of Africa"

Rwanda has a lot of potential for projects and a need for specialists and service providers. There is a lack of investors and companies to support the country in not exporting the value generated. In addition, Rwanda wants to develop as a premium destination for international tourism. This requires not only infrastructure but also specific soft skills. Because premium tourism also means premium service and competence. 


And this is exactly where Neza Rwanda comes in with a large and flexible range of services.


Neza Rwanda offers (not complete): 

  • Overview of offers in the specific area of interest 

  • Needs analysis based on research and surveys of the target clientele

  • Overview of planned public and private projects in consultation with the specific ministry  

  • Organization of a study trip to Rwanda

  • Support and accompaniment in private vehicle

  • Organization of meetings with the contact persons

  • Contacts and exchange with the target clientele (expats and Rwandans)

  • Establishing contacts with specialists in the field of economy/finance/taxes and company formation.

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