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Neza Rwanda builds bridges between Switzerland and Rwanda and brings people and cultures together. We support the dialogue between the two contrasting cultures through knowledge and cultural exchange as well as the promotion of know-how. All in the spirit of "bringing cultures together". 


Discovery tour

Neza Rwanda organises your trip so that you have peace of mind and you can enjoy all the impressions. We offer group, study, theme and tailor-made tours in cooperation with travel agency partners who are members of the Guarantee Fund (customer money protection).  



Rwanda is a young, dynamic and eager to learn. It lacks the professionally experienced people to enable the population to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to compete in the labour market and contribute to the social and political life of the country. 


Your time in Rwanda will leave a mark on you! It allows you to immerse yourself in another culture, develop your personality and professional experience. During the internship, you will gain important work experience in Rwanda and can prove your flexibility. You will gain an unforgettable insight into life and traditions in Rwanda and will be warmly welcomed by your host family as a member of the family. 

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Building bridges as an expert

Rwanda is interested in experienced professionals from Switzerland who are willing to share their expertise and professional experience to help young professionals progress, generate opportunities and build a long-term source of income.  

Giving is more rewarding than taking!

Your contribution connects extraordinary experiences with real impact. You teach the eager-to-learn Rwandans, share your expertise, help with comprehension problems and learn more about the country of Rwanda and its people. It is important to note that this experience is a two-way affair. It is not only about the help and skills you bring, but also about what the country and the people can give you in return.  


A project taking place in a different cultural and social environment presents challenges and risks. Neza Rwanda plans, coordinates and professionally accompanies your project with various mandates, entirely in the interest of your company. In addition, we offer intercultural as well as technical support, whereby you benefit from our expert knowledge of the local conditions and a large local network.


Business opportunities

Rwanda has a lot of potential for projects and a need for specialists and service providers. There is a lack of investors to support the country in not exporting the value addition.

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Lions Club_edited.jpg

Invest in 
"Africa's Switzerland"

Rwanda aims to develop as a premium destination for international tourism. In addition to infrastructure, this also requires specific soft skills. Because premium tourism also means premium service and competence.  And this is exactly where Neza Rwanda steps in with a large and flexible range of services. 

Projects with a heart

Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding or company anniversary and would like to support a project? "Projects with Heart" is a project that supports children and adults with need-based donations. Your contribution is needed and just as important as the impact you make for the local population in Rwanda. 

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