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Projects with a heart

Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding, company anniversary and would like to support a project? Projects with Heart is a project that supports children and adults with need-based donations. Your contribution is needed and as important as the impact you make for the local population in Rwanda. 



Rwanda is still suffering from the psychological and infrastructural consequences of the genocide due to poverty and trauma. Because of this, the shortage of capable labor is omnipresent. The great poverty in the population does not only affect the people in the countryside, where the financial problem is only one cause of poverty. People usually do not have access to basic needs such as clean water, medical care or education.  


Help us to fulfill the wishes of the Rwandans. We can make small and big projects possible with your help! A small donation can already contribute something to improve the situation for a few people. 



Children's books for public schools 

Gasana Mutesi is a Rwandan author and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ubuntu Publishers Ltd and Arise Education Rwanda Ltd. Mutesi has worked on more than 50 children's books and authored more than ten; eight of them have been approved by the Rwanda Basic Education Board for use in schools. A public school typically teaches classes of about 70 children. The children usually do not have funds for books, pencils, and notebooks.  


Cost per child 

CHF 2.00 for a booklet with educational content 

CHF 8.00 for a children's book with educational content  

CHF 5.00 school booklet and pen 


Children's camp for the vacations 

Gasana Mutesi's dream is to run a camp for Rwandan children in Akagera National Park who have never left their village - to introduce the children to the rich natural and animal world they only know from children's books.  


Cost 3 days camp for 10 children 

CHF 1000.00.  



Parlor game to educate young women  

This beautifully made board game was developed by medical students for the prevention of unwanted teenage pregnancies and for the awareness of women's rights, for the prevention of sexual assault. 

The game is distributed to public schools for teachers to play with the class and teach valuable content 


Cost per game  

CHF 30.00 

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