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A project taking place in a different cultural and social environment presents challenges and risks. Neza Rwanda plans, coordinates and accompanies your project with different mandates in a professional way, completely in the interest of your company. In addition, we offer intercultural as well as technical support, whereby you benefit from our expert knowledge of the local conditions and a large local network.


The service of Neza Rwanda

  • Preparation and scheduling with local contact persons

  • Planning, coordination and support 

  • Linking with the right contacts 

  • Compliance with project deadlines, milestones and goals

  • On request: planning and implementation of a stay in Rwanda, with project-related visits and network to local experts.


Your advantages

  • Reduction of the workload of your team

  • Cross-project communication with local contact persons

  • Large local network of experts

  • Preparation of project information 

  • Effective, on-time and on-budget execution

  • Intercultural exchange

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